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What are we doing?

What are we doing?

About Slovenski E-Forum

Energy Economics & Environment Society

Slovenski E-Forum (SE-F) is a non for a profit public NGO society established in 1993 by a group of concerned scientists and activists in the field of energy policy, energy modelling, integral resource planning, demand side management, renewable energy, energy conservation, economic instruments of environmental protection, public participation etc. Plurality and interdisciplinary are enabling holistic and balanced treatment of issues under question. SE-F is not tied to any religion or ideology and it is independent from any political party.

Modern Energy Supply Systems – a Blessing and a Curse


Transformations of fossil and nuclear fuels to final energy are providing comfort in a modern society, mobility and communication beyond the imagination of any generation in the past. On the other side we are quickly burning limited and unequally distributed stocks of those fuels while altering land use and landscapes, polluting the environment with toxic emissions and imissions and even threatening the very existence of our civilization by human enhanced global warming.

The Mission of Slovenski E-Forum


SE-F is striving for quality energy services like adequate temperature and illumination of living and work spaces, modern electronic communication services and entertainment, use of human labour compensating machines and transport vehicles etc. that will be affordable to all the people. We believe however that those services can be provided in a sustainable, environmental and consumer's friendly manner by more responsible handling with energy by both domestic and industrial consumers as well as by internalization of external costs of energy use in a form of environmental   tax reform, more energy effective commercial energy services at all levels and support to increased use of renewable energy respectively those energy stocks and technologies that have less harmful effects on the environment per unit of delivered energy service.



Goals and Objectives of OF SE-F


  • increased awareness of the importance of energy services for the quality of life
  • increased awareness of the impacts of generation and use of energy on global warming and the quality of the air and other environmental media as well as on bio and landscape diversity
  • more responsible handling with energy in all sectors, especially in the public sector and better information services on efficient generation and use of energy
  • transparency of energy markets, enterprises and regulatory institutions
  • improved transparency of decision making on energy strategies, programs and projects of the national interests as well as in respective environmental impact assessment and spacing
  • increased role of public servicing, environmental, nature protection, consumers protection and the others NGOs and citizen's associations in energy and environmental policy making
  • internalization of all environmental costs in end-use prices
  • environmental budget reform i.e. tax neutral increase of energy taxation on the one and decrease of labour and income taxes on the other plus tax deductions for advanced environmental friendly energy technologies/services.


Activities of SE-F


  • expert meetings, debates, round tables, workshops, conferences, excursions etc.;
  • education on energy and environment, at very first on human induced climate change in the form of popular science or “ecotainment“ lectures, energy days, pro et contra debates, summer camps etc.
  • support to other environmental NGO and NGO networks in designing opinions, statements and claims on energy and environmental policy of Slovenia and the EU;
  • influencing the media, energy companies, national and European MPs and other decision makers to accept and/or promote responsible decision making towards the environment and future generations;
  • networking with similar organizations in Slovenia and abroad and transfer of information and knowledge;
  • awareness raising, information and education campaigns;
  • advisory services on greenhouse gases abatement and support to GHG reduction activities in schools and municipalities;
  • promotion of best practices of environmental and consumer's friendly energy services;
  • publishing.


   Slovenski E-Forum – Understanding to Act for a Sustainable Development


Why Becoming a Member of SE-F?


  • because being an active member will broaden your perspective on issues and challenges  related to generation and consumption of energy in the modern world;
  • because you will get at first hand the arguments from different experts while being able to contribute your knowledge and experience towards solving the local and global environmental and development issues related to energy;
  • to increase the capacities to influence consumers, MPs and state officials to make and implement decisions that are in line with public interests and long-term sustainability;
  • to increase the power of weak interests and improve transparency of decision making on the local, national and the EU level;
  • because you will have an opportunity to meet and share quality time with many interesting people that share different opinions in order to find solutions for energy challenges of the modern world
  • to increase capacities for energy and environmental challenges at home, at your work place and in the local community.


Who can be a Member of SE-F?


Everybody who is willing to take efforts to support SE-F's mission, contribute to achieve its goals and is accepting SE-F's statutory act (accessible here - only in Slovenian).