optimization of battery monitors

In order to optimize battery capacity and prevent overvoltages or undervoltages, the battery monitoring syistem actively monitors the charge balance of all cells in the battery.   The BMS balances the cells through:   -To a by-pass phenomenon -To the reversal of the energy surplus from the most loaded cells to the least loaded cells (balancer) -To reduce the charging current to a level low enough not to damage the fully charged cells while continuing charging to the other cells (not applicable to lithium cells). Info on -To a modular load Topology There are different types of battery management systems and battery monitors and  that can vary depending on the complexity and performance requirements: -Simple passive regulators to achieve a balance between each cell by “by-passing” -Intelligent active controllers for switching on and off part of the load to achieve load balancing. -BMS complete signaling the battery status through display or monitor, and protecting the battery from a malfunction.   The BMS can be organized into 3 categories: -Centralized battery managemnet system: a single controller is connected to battery… Beri dalje